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How-To: Tie a Bow-Tie

It’s a skill we’d all love to master, because who doesn’t love seeing a dapper guy groom in a bow-tie? This easy 6-step guide will teach you the ins and outs of how-to tie a bow-tie. Let’s get started:

How To: Tie a Bow Tie

1. Right-handers, pull the right side 2-3 inches longer than the left and then loop it over the left side to tie. Left-handers, replace the word ‘left’ where it says ‘right’ from here on out.

2. Holding the top piece up to your face, pull the lower piece to the right and fold it across the front so that it forms half of the bow.

How To: Tie a Bow Tie

3. Bring the top piece down over your half-bow.

4. Fold both ends of the half-bow together in front of you.

How To: Tie a Bow Tie

5. Notice the loop created behind your half-bow. Pull the dangling piece towards the right, fold it into your other half-bow, and then back it into (and through) the loop.

6. Once through, hold on to both loops and flat pieces, gently tugging and tightening to finish the look. Don’t you look handsome!


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