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If you don’t already know Tessa Barton of By Tezza, it’s time to put her in your feed. She’s an NYC-based photographer/musician/blogger with a self-described “boho-rocker-chic” style. We recently caught up with her to talk about her journey from Salt Lake City, crazy schedules, her mom, and what to wear to a wedding.

Tessa Barton in BHLDN

Carraway Gown

Take us back to the beginning—how did you go from Salt Lake City to NYC?   

It all started when I was 16. I begged my parents to let me move to NYC to attend Parsons’ fashion design program. It was a real turning point for me, being on my own and having to figure out what I was good at. I moved back home to finish school, but always knew I would come back to New York—it was there I picked up a camera and saw the world in a whole new way. 

At what point did you decide you wanted to document your life online?

I was a photographer first, so sharing pictures came naturally. I used to only share pictures of other people, and then I started to document my adventures and vacations. Before I knew it, people were asking me questions about my outfits, where I shopped, and how to decorate their apartments. It was a natural evolution.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Tessa Barton.

I never really have a typical day; I don’t like routine or planning too much.  Most of my mornings are full of meetings with brands and companies, and I usually try and squeeze in a shoot or two with my husband. I take a lot of calls, browse the ‘gram, and try wind down with a jam session or dinner with friends. We work way too hard and don’t get much sleep!  But, my little brother says it best, “Grind now, shine later.”

Tessa Barton of Tezza

Gleam Capelet | Cosmos Skirt

You influence so many people. Tell us about someone who’s influenced you.

My mom. She started an interior design firm when she was my age, knowing nothing about the business. She asked a lot of questions and grew it into one of the most beautiful companies I’ve ever seen. If I turn out even a little bit like her, I would be happy.

You’re shopping for a wedding guest look at BHLDN – what catches your eye? 

Sequins. I know they say that you shouldn’t come to a wedding in white, but you should always stand out. I’m never afraid to wear something a little outside the norm to a wedding—it’s an excuse to dress up and I never pass that up!

Quick take! Tell us about your:

Favorite place to grab a drink in NYC: Mother of Pearl

On a day off, I: write a new song

All-time favorite song: Mary Jane’s Last Dance

Most recent read: Vogue July 2017

I can’t leave home without: Lipstick

I wish: I had more time in a day

Little known fact about me: I’m part Cherokee Indian

Blogger Tessa Barton

Goldie Dress


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