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They’re more than the ladies standing by your side on the wedding day…they’re your go-to gals for the next year (or however long you’re engaged)—the ones to photo-document your gown appointment, help you decide on an updo or loose waves, and be there with coffee and a rockin’ playlist the morning of. You’ll call them at odd hours for opinions, and they’ll help you stay sane through this crazy thing called wedding planning. SO! Go ahead and ask them to join you in an extra-special way.


We worked with engaged blogger Jess of The Golden Girl to create the sweetest Be My Bridesmaid boxes. Take a cue from what she dreamed up and make them your own; we love the thought of including a sweet handwritten note, something sentimental (like a photo of the two of you), something to cheers with, and a keepsake (a mug that does the asking, perhaps?).

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