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Staff Picks | Summer Edition

If you’re anything like us, your summer calendar is full of weddings, and finding a fresh look for every event can become a chore.  Luckily, we have the perfect dress for every occasion and dress code! We asked some of our most stylish employees to show us their picks for their summertime soirees. Read on to see what they had to say about weddings, style, and their own love stories.

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Maria G., Merchandise Assistant for Home Textiles

Whose wedding are you attending? “My best friend from high school is marrying her first boyfriend. I’m so excited to see this happening for her!”

What’s your favorite wedding tradition? “Definitely the father-of-the-bride speech.”

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Arianna E., Associate Buyer

How did you meet your fiancé? “We met through mutual friends. We didn’t exchange numbers that night, but he texted my friend and told her to put in a good word for him. I felt early on that he could be the one.”

What will your wedding be like? “We’re getting married at the boathouse in Central Park because it’s near where we met. My fiancé is Jewish and I’m Dominican, so the wedding will blend both of our cultures. There will be a chuppah and glass smashing, along with lots of Salsa dancing!”

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Hailey O., Assistant Buyer, & Ryan

How did you meet? “I was in love with him in high school, and he wanted nothing to do with me. He said I talked too much! I didn’t give up, and we got engaged in January, a day after our 9-year anniversary.”

How will you incorporate your personal style into your bridal look? “My personal style is easygoing but funky. I’m an accessories buyer at Anthro, so I’ll work with vendors to create a custom earring or hair piece.”

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding? “We love to dance, so finding the right band is a huge priority!”

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Gabrielle M., Associate Home Textile Designer

How did he propose? “I actually proposed to him! My fiancé has a friend whose girlfriend proposed, so I thought, why not? I made an origami box and printed out a picture of a ring. I genuinely caught him off guard.”

How will you incorporate your personal style into your bridal look? “I’m going to have two dresses. I have a background in fashion design, so I want to do a more modern take on a dress I designed for a friend last year.”

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Blaire B., Senior Vendor Relations Coordinator

What’s your favorite wedding tradition? “We’re not doing a first look, so the first time he’ll see me is when I walk down the aisle. I’m really looking forward to that moment.”

What will your wedding be like? “Our wedding is in September in our hometown—where it all began! It will be a little boho, a little modern, a little romantic, and a lot of fun!”

Will there be any special details? “We’re having pie instead of cake. My favorite is peach. We’ll also have blueberry and apple, along with an ice cream truck from a local creamery!”

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Sophia H., QA Engineer

What song always gets you on the dance floor? “‘Love On Top’ by Beyonce.”

What’s your favorite wedding tradition? “Toasts. I just went to a wedding where the bride’s sisters performed the rap from Scary Movie 3 as part of their toast. It was hilarious!”

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Chelsea G., Product Designer

Who’s wedding are you attending? “I’m at an age where weddings are starting to ramp up. It’s insane how many there can be in just a year! But, I’m going to be a bridesmaid this fall in my best friend’s wedding. I’m so excited to stand by her side because I’ve known her and her fiancé for a long time.”

What song always gets you on the dance floor? “I’m already looking forward to hitting the dance floor at my friend’s wedding! Our current obsession is ‘Filthy’ by Justin Timberlake.”

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Bridget M., Merchandising Coordinator

What’s your favorite wedding tradition? “I love the idea of having a signature cocktail.”

What song always gets you on the dance floor? “My go-to is ‘I’m So Excited’ by the Pointer Sisters.”

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HQ V., Junior Developer

Tell us about your wedding. “I’ve been married for about 10 months. We got married at Stokesay Castle in Reading, PA.”

What song always gets you on the dance floor? “Any song gets me on the dance floor!”

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