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Ever wonder what takes place at a gown appointment? Hear it all from Mary, an amazing stylist at our Chicago shop! And be sure to read to the end-she divulges her favorite places in the city, and they are good.

image by @xoshelbyelizabeth

What to expect at a bridal appointment:
I greet my bride and walk through the gown gallery with her, pointing out any she’s requested, and seeing if there are additional styles that catch her eye.

We head into our private salon with her guests. While everyone settles in, I offer refreshments (time to pop the champagne!).

The bride and I step into the private fitting room and she slips into the first gown; we show her guests each look we try on. Towards the end of the appointment, she tries on her favorites back-to-back.

We play around with accessories or veils. For some, this may include adding a huge white wedding umbrella. For others, it can be a more simple touch. Then I take her measurements so I can advise on sizing. If she’s decided on her gown, I put the order through, and if she needs time to think, I give her my card so she can call once she knows which dress is the one!


Most memorable appointment experience:
There were two brides marrying each other and they came in for their appointments together. We propped our salon doors open so they could show each other their favorite looks! They each found their gown, and we put together killer outfits for the rehearsal and wedding-related events.

image by @jeganmafari

Top 3 appointment tips:
Think about the style or mood you want to convey. Knowing a little about your venue and overall feel of the wedding will be a huge help in what gown you choose.

Having 10 opinions in the room can be overwhelming; choose your appointment guests by picking those who will encourage you and give honest feedback.

Enjoy this reprieve from planning; it’s a time to dream about marrying your love in the best outfit you’ve ever worn!


Best part about your job:
Helping someone feel their best and most beautiful for such a memorable day!


Name: Mary Bragg / Stylist at BHLDN Chicago

DRINK OF CHOICE: Almond milk latte / glass of merlot.

YOU, IN EMOJIS: ?, ?, and ??

BEST BITES: Little Goat Diner on Randolph Street for late-night French fries & vegan milkshakes. Iced coffee from Leonidas Chocolates. The famous Au Cheval cheeseburger, which is to die for!

#1 DESTINATION: The Big Island of Hawaii. It’s where I spent most of my childhood, and I try to go back and visit once per year.

IN CHI? DON’T MISS: Out-of-the-way neighborhoods like Wicker Park & Ukrainian Village. Everyone hits the main attractions like Michigan Ave and Navy Pier, but these quirky spots have a lot of charm, and are home to some hidden gems.

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