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April 9, 2016 / Marfa, TX

 BHLDN bride

Tell us how you met
We met at a friend’s house party. Sam was there, parched for a cocktail; to be honest, I wasn’t too interested in him, but when everyone decided to play a game, I jumped in. Sam is known for holding a large crowd’s attention through the art of public toasts and speeches, and the group was encouraged to share random words aloud while Sam made a full “thoughtful” speech around each one. I threw out the word “Velociraptor”.

At the end of the night, Sam asked for my number and, I saved mine as “Velociraptor” because 1. It was funny and 2. I thought he wouldn’t remember (remember me saying he was parched for cocktails?). Even today, my number remains as Velociraptor in his phone. (God, I hope he never goes to jail. This could lead to a very confusing conversation!).

Can you share the details of your day? 
We eloped, and married in front of a tiny church-turned-radio station, the Cowboy Church. I saw it online and was determined to make it the center of our ceremony. No one was around, the sun beamed bright, and the beers were cool.

My, what were you thinking as you walked down the aisle?
We walked each other down our makeshift aisle, arm-in-arm. I thought to myself “Man, this is really stinking cool!”

Sam, when you think to your wedding day…
I just can’t help but remember how fun it was. There was not a single stressful moment or moment that we weren’t having a great time. However, I think we both can agree our favorite memory from the day was that our dog Mona was there the entire time.

BHLDN bride

Tell us about the gown!
My gown was incredible. The moment I put it on, I knew it was mine. It took me less than an hour to make this decision; I shared some photos with my gals and we all agreed—I was ready to rock this dress. It provided all the items I felt were important for my look: character, depth, slender appeal, and a beautiful pattern.

What was your thought process behind an elopement?
Although we love being the life of parties and hosting large events, we didn’t want to lose sight of one another on this special day. To us, weddings are about two people dedicating their love and lives to one another. We felt compelled that this was to be shared between just us. On the day of the ceremony, we were bombarded with well-wishes and love from all of our amazing people.

Deciding to elope can be difficult, as you battle with the desire to have all of your friends and family present. We were able to focus on this life-changing moment and really enjoy the empowerment of marriage. Because isn’t that what a marriage is all about?! A step into something that changes and moves a person? Hopefully to better and enhance their lives?

BHLDN bride

So cool. Describe the mood that day.
Calm, fun, and super-excited to be life partners. We definitely high-fived a lot.

Any last words of advice?
I’m currently sitting in Sydney, Australia—beer in hand—looking at the Sydney Bridge and Opera House, pinching myself and wondering how I got so damn lucky to be here. It just sorta hit me: love like this isn’t because of luck. It’s because two folks knowingly chose to make this crazy thing called life amazing for one another.

If others can remember that in planning their weddings, they too will love the full experience. Do things that make you happy and find ways to explore. The only regret I have right now is not having the ability to get our pup, a quick visa. 🙂

BHLDN bride

Photos by Geoff Duncan

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