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We invited some of L.A.’s finest dancers to unveil our latest event offering: a sparkly-flowy-flirty collection made for movin’ & groovin’ & celebrating love. Each girl looked amazing (with moves for days!)—and has us wishing we’d stuck with those childhood dance lessons. We’re thrilled that a handful of them shared their stories with us; honest, poignant, and funny, you’re guaranteed to feel more inspired at the end of this post.


Meet Maja | Dance style: Voguing

On an accomplishment she’s proud of…
“I am very proud of having the guts to even start working on my artist visa for the USA; being the first dancer from Croatia to have obtained it (twice!), I didn’t have anyone from my home country to guide me in the process, or help me with anything when I first moved to the USA. I had to figure it out on my own, and I am proud of the move I made. It was extremely brave to make a decision to follow my dreams, establishing a career in something that is not considered a “real job” back home. I have to tap my shoulder for that!”

On her favorite day…
“If I could dream up my favorite day, it would be spent with my closest friends, both those from Croatia and my international friends, on a hot spring day. Playing different social games or sports somewhere in the nature, with birds chirping and music playing in the background. There would be amazing, delicious food we all made together and cold wine. Laughing, talking, sharing memories, and future plans. I love being inspired and inspiring others, and being surrounded with great energies.”

On challenges…
“I was in a serious car accident a few years ago. This close-to-death experience taught me to believe in the power of will and focus. It also taught me to be at peace with myself, my big scars and my “slightly changed” anatomy that I have kept as a memory from the accident.

I look at that event as being a really important reminder of my strength, because I managed to recover extremely fast, and came back to dancing in record-breaking time. Sometimes when I face situations that I would consider “problems,” I just remind myself of what I’ve been through and what I have survived, and then no problem seems as impossible to solve anymore :)”


Meet Morgan | Dance style: Ballet

On her pets…
“My boyfriend and I live in a one bedroom so his dog, Jacob, and my two Himalayan cats have joined forces. They all get along great and watching the different chemistry between the three is really entertaining!”

On relationships…
“There are a ton of important relationships in my life. My family, my boyfriend, my friends, my pets. Even strangers! I try to grow by being a great listener. I think listening can be nurturing and powerful. Lately I’ve learned we are all just human.”

On an accomplishment she’s proud of…
“A couple years back, I had the pleasure of working with the iconic David Hockney for a series of new paintings he released. It was me and a small group of dancers and we got to still pose with David for a month. It was surreal seeing his studio in Los Angeles and watching the creative process. I’m so proud to have experienced and be a part of something so rare. Seeing the paintings in galleries was exciting to say the least.”


Meet Jade | Dance style: Broadway

“There isn’t really a story behind my long hair, it’s just always been a part of me! It’s just me! I’ve never had a haircut, I’ve never dyed it, and I use 2-in-1 shampoo. I guess it’s just me… natural, cavewoman style!”

On relationships…
“I didn’t have any official dance training and was always focused on academia while growing up. My whole life in education had been building up to a career in politics which would have nicely complimented my family of scientists and mathematicians. I got the grades to study at Oxford/Cambridge and had accepted a place on one of the best Politics courses in the UK. This, in itself, was a huge accomplishment and a brilliant natural progression to what was “supposed to be.”

What coincided with that, however, was being asked to choreograph, dance and travel the world with one of the UK’s most prestigious rock bands ever: Roxy Music. I cancelled my university place and embraced the university of life on tour and on the road. I’m proud that I had the courage to shift the paradigm of where I expected my life to lead and leave home for the first time not knowing where that journey would take me.”

On her favorite day…
“‘First times’ are the closest thing we have to magic. They are so rare and fleeting; moments and feelings of enlightenment we can never recreate. In thinking back to my favourite day ever, I draw inspiration from those magic moments.

The opening song of the opening show on my first-ever tour with Roxy Music was the most overwhelmed I’ve ever been. Stepping out on stage in front of a sea of thousands of screaming fans, my heart pounding louder than the live drums, my body weightless from adrenaline, I just remember laughing manically through the whole 3 minute track. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such an intense concoction of emotions. It was pride and joy and fear and wonder all fighting to claim the moment.

There were thousands of people in that arena and I shared the stage with a full band who had become like family members to me and yet it felt like I was 100% alone, floating through the performance. The first thing I did when I came off stage in the interval was call my mum. I had left home for the first time, and the only thing that could have made that special experience even more magical is if I had been able share it with my most special person. That album we toured with will continue to be the soundtrack of my life and inspire me to seek out as many ‘first times’ as I can to chase that elusive magic.”

On relationships…
“The most important relationship in my life is and will always be my mum. It’s our relationship that formed who I am, that gave me self-worth, that made me feel special enough to step out into the world with intrigue rather than judgment. It’s important to me as a performer because it can be easy to get lost in a life of frills, ego, the extraordinary, the ridiculous, intense highs and the inevitable lows.

In contrast, the bond I have with my mum is so pure; we are best mates, have the same values, the same humour, the same stubbornness and an unwavering love for one other. It’s the purest and most honest thing I have. Without that and without the comparison, I can imagine how easy it would be to get swept away in the crazy sea of showbiz.”


Meet Randi | Dance style: Breaking

On an accomplishment she’s proud of…
“I didn’t start dancing until I was 20 years old. In dance years, that’s extremely late in the game. I moved to LA only a few years after I had begun dancing, and everyone thought I was crazy. They told me I would go up against girls who had been dancing since they were three. Even more so, my training was in street styles and hip hop, not classical training.

I am extremely proud of myself for taking the leap anyway. I had to work three times as hard to catch up to where others were, but I am now a professional working dancer. And I have made my way professionally in those very street styles (specifically breaking). I’m proud that I was able to find my way sticking to the styles I love!”

On relationships…
“In the past couple years, the most important relationship I have in my life is my relationship with myself. From a young age, I was a people pleaser. I put others first constantly, to the point where I didn’t speak up for myself, or I exhausted myself doing things for others. I left no time to hang out with myself. These days, I’m really trying to slow down and give myself as much time as I give others—to rest, to write, to read, to reflect. Self-love is such an important thing that often goes untaught. But I believe self-love is the first and most important step to any kind of love. It’s an inside-out kinda thing!”

On her personality…
“People often say I’m infectiously happy—I think I was born with it! I was a very bubbly kid who always wanted to play make-believe. If you’re constantly using your imagination to create your dream worlds, it’s hard to be unhappy!

This infectious happiness has continued because I made my dream world my reality by choosing to dance and make my passion my profession. You can’t help but be contagiously happy when you wake up every day and do the thing you love most in the world.”


Meet Clarys | Dance style: Voguing

On her role model…
“I was raised by a single mom; she is my role model—she sacrificed everything for me and I learn the most from her. She taught me how to be respectful to other people, honest, confident and to always honor your own words.”

On challenges…
“I think right now my biggest struggle is to find happiness and love within myself. As much as I am confident, I work in an industry based a lot on the outside and I’ve gotten to understand (especially lately) that real happiness and inner peace is deeper than we think and I’m working on being gentle with myself and find balance. Taking care of the inside is really important.”

On living in another country…
“I came straight from Paris to LA. I used to come to LA for training during the summer and decided to move here. What I miss the most? My family, my friends, and also…the food!”



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