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Make the Most of Your BHLDN Bridal Appointment

Kelly M. has seen it all since starting out as a stylist at our Chicago shop five years ago. Now the Store Brand Leader, she chatted with us about how brides-to-be can make the most of their appointments. “Many brides are nervous about the one-hour appointment time, but they shouldn’t be! You can realistically try on 7-10 gowns in that time frame, including taking a second look at your top picks.” Read more to see what you can expect from a typical BHLDN bridal appointment, along with some helpful tips from Kelly.

Image by Jeku Photography

Tip #1: Your BHLDN experience begins before you ever step foot in the shop. “When you book your appointment, list the gowns you are interested in trying on as well as any info you want to share about your big day. This will help your stylist better prepare for your appointment.”

10:45 am Kelly suggests arriving 10-15 minutes before your appointment. “We’re usually booked all day with back-to-back appointments, so arriving early gives you more time to see and touch the gowns in person and make any final requests.” As soon as she walks in the door, the bride-to-be is greeted by someone from the BHLDN team and directed to the gown gallery.

11:00 am Your stylists will meet you and your guests in the gown gallery to chat about your favorite gowns and where you are in the shopping process. After taking you and your guests to your reserved viewing area, she will offer refreshments and spend a few minutes getting to know you. “She will ask you about your budget, your time frame, and any other concerns you have. If you plan on climbing a mountain in your gown, this is the time to tell us!”

Tip #2: “Keep in mind that most of our stores can only fit 3 or 4 people in the viewing area. Sometimes fewer opinions can be a good thing!”

11:10 am It’s time to head to the fitting room! The gowns are delicate, expensive, and can be difficult to put on, so your stylist will help you into each one. Make sure to bring undergarments that you are comfortable wearing in front of her. “That one-on-one time between the bride and the stylist is so important. Before we take the bride out, we encourage her to take a moment to see herself in the gown. It’s important that she decides how she feels before hearing comments from her friends & family. Our number one goal is always to be the bride’s confidante and cheerleader!”

Image by Angela Mae Payaban

Tip #3: All samples are a size 12, so your stylist will clip and adjust each dress to fit as best as she can. You’ll be able to get a good idea of what the dress will look like in your size!

11:40 am Take a second look. “After you’ve tried on every gown, your stylist will help you back into your top 2 or 3. While it’s not realistic to style every gown, this is when we will add a veil or a sash or some jewelry to help you visualize the complete look.”

Image by Jeku Photography

11:50 am You found your gown and everyone cheers! Now it’s time to talk measurements. “Measurements are very important because 99% of gowns will need some kind of alterations. We will recommend a size based on your largest measurement and tell you what alterations you can expect to make.” Although BHLDN does not offer in-store alterations, your stylist can give you a list of preferred tailors in your area.

Tip #4: “Tailors have busy seasons too, and alterations can take up to 3 months. Be sure to call ASAP after ordering your gown to make an appointment!”

12:00 pm Order your gown! “It’s completely normal to take some time to decide. We will keep all of your measurements and size recommendations on file, so you can call & order whenever you are ready.”

Image by Angela Mae Payaban

Ready to book your appointment? We can’t wait to meet you!

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