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Kiss Proof Lip Color

Kiss Proof Lip
Long-lasting lip color tips from a former BHLDN bride, who, after a SMUDGY ENCOUNTER with a friend’s lapel the month before her wedding, knew it was time for a beauty counter visit…

Kiss Proof Lip

Selection: Head to your favorite beauty purveyor and ask for “long-lasting lip color” options.

She experimented with:
Sephora Collection: Cream Lip Stain
Kat Vond: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
Makeup Forever: Aqua Rouge

Kiss Proof Lip

Test them by drawing a small streak on the back of your hand; wait 30 min., then rub the backs of your hands together—like you mean it! Buy the ones that don’t SMUDGE.

These will get put to the day-long test…

Kiss Proof Lip

Try wearing each for a full day. Notice the texture. Does it feel tight, crackly, or natural? Make sure you eat while wearing them; give out a few cheek kisses too, see how they fare!

Kiss Proof Lip

Our BHLDN bride went with Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge. She mixes No. 17 & No. 8 to get a beautiful bright red with just the slightest hint of orange.

Kiss Proof Lip

How to apply:
1/ Mix desired colors on a small piece of wax paper first.

2/ Start rimming the outline of your lips as you would a lip liner, making sure to get inside the outer creases of your smile; fill in with color.

3/ Finish with an even coat of gloss; let this set so that it forms a barrier over the color.

4/ Apply gloss as needed throughout the night and especially right before you eat; stay away from salad if you can (the oils in the dressing can act like makeup remover).

5/ Take off with makeup remover or moisturizer in a pinch.

Note: If you’re having someone do your makeup, practice with them before the big day; the color sets so well, it can be hard to undo cleanly.

Kiss Proof Lip

Why our bride’s hooked:

1/ easy enough to remove

2/ great texture; Kat Von D products had beautiful pigment but felt tight on lips

3/ full coverage without looking “tattooed” or “geisha-like” (read: weirdly permanent)

4/ only had to apply color once; reinforced with gloss twice

5/ great easy-to-mix colors are perfect for creating personalized hue!

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