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If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we have a long and storied history with accessories designer Debra Moreland. A part of the BHLDN family since the beginning, her imaginative, handcrafted pieces have never failed to capture the mood our brides are looking to evoke on their wedding day. Featured in our new made-to-order Bespoke Collection (each piece is created upon order, just for you), we chatted with her to learn more about these special accessories.

Bespoke Collection

Hi Debra! So great to catch up with you. Tell us, how do you ideate your collections?

I usually get my best ideas right before I fall asleep!  I then listen to music to bring those ideas into greater clarity.

What makes your pieces so special?

I have been in business 28 years, and we have always worked this way.  Each design is adaptable into gold, silver, white or ivory pearls, and a variety of colored crystals, and lovingly replicated by one of our Paris by Debra Moreland artists after it’s ordered.

Your favorites in the Bespoke Collection?

Everdeen Halo
, Rosaline Headband, Delano Headband, Beale Comb, Earnshaw Halo.

Bespoke Collection

Do any of the pieces have a great story behind them?

The Lockwood Comb started as a boutonniere when BHLDN first launched!  It was put aside, and years later was incorporated into a halo—the Everdeen Halo. Based on the strong response, I then created the comb, knowing it could be a great choice for the BHLDN bride looking for a more subtle statement.

Another great story comes from a headband I started 15 years ago, and had been benched on my desk ever since. Last February, I picked it up and added a double chain that transformed it into the Earnshaw Halo. So funny, I’ve looked at it off and on over the years, and it was suddenly relevant to today’s bride—her response certainly validates that!

Oh, and lastly, the Twyla Headpiece is a replica of a diamond “Fred Leighton Tiara” most famously worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones in her 2000 wedding to Michael Douglas. 

Unexpected pairings that you love?

Sonnet Veil
+ Galica Ornament. Cascading Flower Veil + Beale Comb. Scalloped Cathedral Veil + As You Wish Headpiece. 

Bespoke Collection

How do you hope brides feel in your pieces?

I hope brides feel the excitement they experienced as a little girl playing dress-up: beautiful, confident & in the moment.

Bespoke Collection

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