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We’re always on the lookout for new designs and trends to bring to our brides, scouring the globe in search of inspiration. On our latest trip, we traveled to New Delhi, India, home to colorful art, stunning architecture, and fashion—oh, the fashion! Read on for behind-the-scenes details from Lauren B., our gown buyer.


“India is known for an unmatched level of handiwork. All beading is worked by hand; it can take more than 24 hours to bead a single gown. It’s incredible to watch these artists who have been beading for generations. It’s a family art form.”


“The markets in New Delhi have stores upon stores of vendors selling fabrics, buttons, and trims. An unexpected find was the lace. We were so inspired by the unique cuts of lace that we immediately began working with a few Indian designers to create new gowns. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish these looks anywhere else.”


“No trip to India would be complete without visiting the Taj Mahal! It’s a monument of love; a site dedicated to Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife. Amazing in its symmetry, it’s almost ethereal the way it appears out of nowhere. The only asymmetrical part of the whole building is where Jahan is buried because he’s next to his beloved.”


“India is all about surprising colors and details; it feels like everything is a celebration. In the Taj Mahal, you’ll find raw-cut rubies and sapphires inlaid in marble.  On the street, you’ll see carriages painted brightly, hung with tassels. The rugs, the fabrics, the tiles—you’re enveloped in rich colors wherever you go. “


“One of our favorite customs in India is how everyone stops their day to sit down for a hot lunch. Meals are so important to the culture—a time to meet new friends and enjoy each other. Before heading home, we made sure to eat at Bukhara, one of New Dehli’s award-winning restaurants that’s famous for its dal, my favorite dish! It’s an explosion of flavor—rich with spice, butter and cream.”

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