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When she’s not helping create gorgeous home décor, Anthropologie employee Alexis Turner has a seriously cool side hustle. With her company Poco Pink Creative Co., she uses her background in textiles to create beautifully styled weddings and events for her clients. Her efforts to network with other local creatives and vendors led to her most recent project, Boss Babes Social, which combines her passion for event design with her motto of “community over competition.” When Alexis asked BHLDN to participate in her latest Social, we jumped at the chance to be a part of her inspiring group of female entrepreneurs.

What do you do at Anthropologie?

I am Senior Product Development and Sourcing Coordinator for Anthropologie Home. My categories are lighting, wall decor (like art posters, designs, etc.), and hardware. We work with design and buying to source materials, choose the vendor, execute the product, and make sure it ships to stores on time!

Tell me more about Poco Pink Creative Co.

Poco Pink is an event design and art installation company born from my love of fiber and immersive arts. As an event designer, I’m the creative counterpart to the event planner. Using inspiration boards, I work with my clients to find the perfect vibe for their events using lighting, flowers, rentals, and decor. Then, I source and collaborate with your vendors to develop a customized style for the big day. Being part of this entrepreneurial project helps showcase each company’s specialty well. It aims to help them grow their businesses by working together with other entrepreneurs. Hopefully, the end result of this project is to grow each business to a point where they no longer require the support of other business owners. Before they know it, these businesses will be recruiting new staff to help them with their operations as they’ll be so busy. Hopefully, that will happen to all of them. However, if it happens to my business, recruiting staff would be ideal as I could take more work on. One of my friends runs a successful business and she told me to look into ACA Compliance benefits when I start recruiting more employees. That will help me to ensure their wages are paid correctly, taking some of that pressure off me. As I’ll hopefully be so busy, I won’t have time to sort those tasks out, so that software will hopefully help me. As the business grows, so will the team of people that work with me!

What is Boss Babes Social?

As an entrepreneur, I found it hard to meet and grow friendships with other women in the event industry. I started going to networking happy hours and speaking panels, but it was so intimidating to walk up to a total stranger! Several networking events later, it hit me: What better way to get to know someone than working together?

Boss Babes Social is a networking event for creative female entrepreneurs to build their portfolios and get to know each other. Each guest donates her skills or services to create a beautiful styled photo shoot. We then sit down, enjoy our work, and appreciate each other’s company! I have talked to so many businesswomen about so many different topics and have learned so much. From learning how people brand to how some people use a uk forex broker to raise more money for their company to learning the latest news for the industry. I am a strong believer of “community over competition,” and Boss Babes Social is my way of promoting that.

What inspired your latest Social at Terrain?

The most recent theme was “Midsummer Botanicals” with pressed flowers and sun print details. Terrain is a magical venue bursting with plant life. I was inspired by the versatility of florals and wanted to showcase them in all their forms-printed, pressed and preserved.

What does the day of the event look like for you?

On the day of a Boss Babes Socials, vendors arrive and begin setting up a few hours before the start of the meal. The florist could be making a flower crown while the hair stylist is setting up her station, and the cake artist is adding the finishing touches to her cake. As the event designer, I create props and art installations that highlight each vendors’ work while building a cohesive look.

Once the photographer is finished shooting, we sit down at our beautifully styled table and enjoy a much-deserved glass of wine. Glass in hand, I make a toast and ask the group a question to start the conversation. I learn so much about each person, her accomplishments, her challenges, and what makes her tick. This is my absolute favorite part of the night!

Do you have any advice for brides-to-be looking for their wedding vendors?

Weddings are extremely visual, so I always recommend Instagram. You can learn a lot about a vendor from their stories and posts. A great tip is to check out who they are following to find other vendors they admire or have worked with. If you find a photographer that you absolutely have to have, ask if they can recommend a florist. They may even have a list of preferred partners on their website.

Photography: @peachplumpearphoto | Cake: @cakelifebakeshop | Stationery: @charliewhiskeydesign | Flowers: @ferox_studio |Makeup: @shimmerandspice | Hair: @doobiesyo | Model: @jennifereaston

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