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Four Takes on a Bohemian Tablescape

Calling all bohemian brides: we’ve gathered four wedding table looks that celebrate your wanderlust spirit. Try mix and matching a few of the tips below to create your own unique look.

Bohemian Reception Table


Embrace your surroundings. Draw on the ocean’s natural beauty to accessorize your reception. Drape lightweight linen tablecloths over the tables to soften and add texture. Collect seashells with your maids or fiancé the week before to scatter across the surface and secure name cards in place.

Layer old and new. Antique pieces tell a story, but new ones add a modern twist. Scour thrift shops for unique finds, like candlesticks, textiles, and serving ware. Mix vases in contemporary hues or lanterns in clean lines to add a fresh touch. You could even go as far as buying antique furniture from sites like antiques world if you’re looking to go all out with this bohemian theme.

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Bohemian Reception Table


Flowers, flowers everywhere. Go beyond centerpieces: add floral touches to the walls or suspend them from the ceiling. We love the juxtaposition of bright, untamed florals and industrial mediums like brick or concrete. Recruit your bridesmaids or husband-to-be to help make a hanging macramé (as seen in the photo), following the tutorial from Free People.

Let nature dictate the color palette. Visit a local florist or flower farm and ask which blooms will be in season on your wedding day. Not only will seasonal picks be less expensive, but you’ll end up with a personalized collection.

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Move your living room outside. Standard rental table sets feel impersonal whereas worn wooden tables and chairs lend coziness. Throw down rugs, welcoming guests to go barefoot, or create intimate lounge areas. If the idea of moving your own furniture outside the week of your wedding sounds daunting, consider borrowing from a vintage rental company in your area. One of our favorites here in Philadelphia is Maggpie Rentals.

Share your travels through the menu. Choose food items that highlight flavors from your adventures as a couple. Trekked through Argentina? Pass empanadas during cocktail hour. Toured Morocco? Serve a beautiful tagine with couscous, family-style. We also love the idea of featuring a cheese plate with cheeses from places you’ve been. Include a picture of the two of you in the region next to each one.

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Bohemian Reception Table


Bring the sunset indoors with candles—lots of them. A variety of votives, tapers, and pillars prevents your table from feeling too curated and creates an enchanting glow that will put your guests at ease. Neutral candle hues keep it simple and ethereal.

Mix luxe with natural. Layer gold accents, which reflect the candlelight in the most dreamy way, with lush greens. Think palm leaves beneath plates, wildflowers peeking out from behind napkins, or air plants nestled among candlesticks.

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