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A Flawless Face: Get That Glow

Every bride naturally glows (all that love in the air!), but we suspected there were a few ways to obtain it besides emotion alone. We turned to Danuta Mieloch, the dewy-complexioned owner and sought-after esthetician of Philadelphia’s Rescue Spa, and her makeup artist Victoria Roggio for their advice on getting the wedding glow.

A Flawless Face: Get That Wedding Glow

meet with an reputable esthetician to evaluate your skin
and determine a personalized regimen. You might also want to talk through and arrange any cosmetic treatments such as Nose fillers to address any insecurities you might have about your appearance ahead of the big day.

wash your face once in the morning and twice at night (you need two to remove makeup, sunscreen, and pollution from the day). If you’re struggling to find a cleanser that is perfect for your skin type, Synergie Skin face cleansing have many variations.

our skin regenerates every 28 days, but slows as we age; exfoliating removes the dead skin, revealing a fresh, new layer

apply serum (see product list below) according to your skin type

apply a daytime lotion or tinted moisturizer with sunscreen in an upward, massaging motion

see your esthetician for a final facial (but avoid getting extractions)

if you wake up with an unwelcome blemish, hands off! you can ice it a bit, but leave it to the makeup artist to cover it up

A Flawless Face: Get That Wedding Glow

Recommendations from Danuta & ladies around the BHLDN office

Fig. 1 Jane Iredale | POMMISST Hydration Spray
Not only does it smell like a dream, but it sets makeup and delivers pomegranate antioxidants into your skin!

Fig. 2 Biologique Recherche | Lotion P50
A staple product of Rescue Spa, this French elixir exfoliates, hydrates, and regenerates the skin. They sang such praises of it that we researched a bit more and found it’s a well-kept secret of many high-profile faces. After trying this “facial in a bottle,” we were hooked – our skin was like silk!

Fig. 3 VALMONT | Renewing Pack
According to Danuta, this cream is like magic for a bride. Known to regenerate, rehydrate, tighten pores, and refresh skin, we tried it and have to agree – it gave us major G-L-O-W.

Fig. 4 Biologique Recherche | Serum Silk Plus
Not only does it live up to its name (our skin was silky-soft), but the amino acids in this French serum plumps tired skin, too.

Fig. 5 rms | living luminizer
We’re obsessed with this cult-favorite, coconut oil-based highlighter. It goes anywhere, from the corners of the eyes, along the cheekbones, browbone, the bow of the lips, and collarbone.

A Flawless Face: Get That Glow

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