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Dressed Up: With Brooklyn Artist Danielle Kroll

We at BHLDN have long-been enamored with artist Danielle Kroll’s whimsical illustrations, and upon viewing our new event dresses (playful, bold, colorful), she immediately came to mind. We asked her to play model for a day at her beautiful Brooklyn studio, and whew—if this artist thing doesn’t work out, she can be our full-time muse.

Brooklyn Artist Danielle Kroll in BHLDN Event Dresses - Romy Dress

Which dress is your favorite?
It’s a tough call between the Iva Crepe Maxi and the Ivy Dress. The embroidered detail on the Ivy Dress is so beautiful, and the nude mesh gives it a fun, youthful feel.

Brooklyn Artist Danielle Kroll in BHLDN Event Dresses - Farrah Jumpsuit

Tell us where you go for inspiration…
When I’m stuck I usually go for a walk to a museum, shop, or even a bakery. I love going to art museums for inspiration but also love visiting places that have nothing to do with art; one of my favorites is the Sterling Hill Mine in New Jersey. I used to go there a lot growing up. They’re known for fluorescent rocks, which glow with neon colors when you place them under a black light!

What’s your favorite color combination?
I have many! Right now: bright red, yellow, light blue, and pale peach. The palette feels really beachy and gets me excited for summer.

Brooklyn Artist Danielle Kroll in BHLDN Event Dresses - Ivy Dress

Tell us what you’d wear to a gallery showing.
I haven’t had a solo show yet, but it’s definitely one of my long-term goals. If I was going to a show, I’d probably wear the Farrah Jumpsuit. If it was my own show, I’d go with the Iva Crepe Maxi and pair it with a light pink (faux) stole and a long powder blue coat. The stole is my absolute favorite accessory to wear out—it goes with almost any outfit and makes me feel like a superstar.

Brooklyn Artist Danielle Kroll in BHLDN Event Dresses - Iva Crepe Maxi Dress

What’s your favorite thing to illustrate or create?
For me, it’s all about having a concept or a vision that I’m excited about; if I don’t get that spark, it’s hard to believe in what I’m making. I started working in ceramics a little over a year ago and am really enjoying that medium. It’s humbling because so much can go wrong throughout the process. I’m used to painting, where the outcome is more controlled. But when a piece miraculously comes out of the kiln the way I imagined, the struggle seems so worth it.

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