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Three DIY Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

If making bridesmaid proposals feels a bit high-stakes, we get it. They’re about to be on-call event planners/therapists/stylists for the next year (or more) while balancing everything else they’ve got going on in their lives.

One of our favorite ways to pop the question? Beautiful, curated gift boxes. They’re personalizable, fun to assemble, and everyone loves getting them. Know someone who’s been dying for the latest perfume, or has been eyeing Gabrielle Chanel products and telling you all about it? Why not slip it into their gift box as a thank you in advance before you pop the question? It can show just how personal the decision was beyond the standard “besties” choice, and really help set the uplifting giving mood for your wedding long before the day comes! And to top it all off, you can even get unique personalised packaging to make them extra special!

We put together three gift boxes to get you started. If you want to have full creativity over your gift boxes, and put in things that are specific to what you feel each individual bridesmaid would like, you can check out gift boxes in Canada from websites such as giftsmack.ca and discuss with them how you want it packaged and what theme you want, it makes it all the more special. Look below for extra ideas. Enjoy!

The Classic

bridesmaid gift

SHOP IT: Bridesmaid Emergency Kit | Gilded Garden Gift Box | Will You Be Mug | Perfumed Mini Candle Tin | Deidre Pearl Posts | Yumi Kim Floral Robe | French Girl Floral Toner

The Bohemian

bridesmaid gift

SHOP IT: Santal Beaded Pouch | Dipped Be My Maids Card | Perfumed Mini Candle Tin | Gilt Feather Confetti |High Spirits Golden Flask | Yumi Kim Floral Robe | Formulary 55 Rosehip & Clay Facial Mask

The Modern

bridesmaid gift

SHOP IT: Petite Crystal Drop Earrings | Kai Rose Perfume Oil | Be My Maids Wine Topper | Toasting Notes Journal | Tranquility Pouch | Yumi Kim Floral Robe


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