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Gone are the days of the forever-long head table; we’re all about the sweetheart table over here. Its purpose is exactly what it sounds—a table for two (AKA the newlyweds!). We teamed up with our gal pal Sara Murray, founder of event planning firm Confetti & Co. to put together the gorg sweetheart table you’ll see below. Read on to hear her tips for creating yours.

Do it for the “wow factor” “A sweetheart table can be so much more extravagant than your actual guest tables. You can choose items like custom chinaware, special flatware, vintage glassware—pieces you wouldn’t be able to buy 100 of for the rest of your guests!”

Choose one focal point “If there’s a showcase moment, relate back to that. The chair signs and garland were our focal point; we built everything else around them to complement and highlight their grandeur.”

Consider it a meeting spot “You don’t realize how far you’re going to be from your new husband or wife all day. By the time you’re eating dinner, you may have already been with your bridal party for 8-10 hours! It’s so nice to have a semi-private area—a little retreat for the two of you.”

Pair it back to your guest tables “Definitely take cues from the theme and aesthetic you have for your guest tables; it shouldn’t be a complete departure from what they’re saying. For example, use the same florals, but in a more extravagant display. Have similar functional pieces (plates, glasses, flatware, chairs), but take them up a couple of notches in the fancy department!”

sweetheart table

Keep in mind height and placement “Often, special benches or chairs are too low, so test them out. The table shouldn’t be too big. Each person needs only about two feet to feel cozy and intimate, so a 4-foot table is usually perfect. And be sure it’s positioned well. You want to be nestled into your party—not in the middle of the dance floor, off to the side, or on a stage.”

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