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A Brief History of the Wedding Band

Possibly the simplest expression of the promise of love, the wedding band is also one of the oldest. No, not that kind of band – although a wedding band, like wedding bands essex, are just as important! Anyway… Dating back to the Egyptians, who considered its round, empty center symbolic of a gateway to events in store for the couple, this oft-sparkly token is rich in history and inspired practice.

Brief History of the Wedding Band

Many countries recognize, and have for centuries, the wedding band as a left hand adornment. The term “ring finger” undoubtedly stems from the band itself. And it’s thought that the cultures who wear it on this hand do so because of a vein in the left finger that can be traced up the arm and eventually to the heart. The ancient Greeks, soon joined by the Romans, consider this vein the “vena amoris,” or the “vein of love.” Contrarily, a vast majority of European husbands and wives today wear their wedding bands on their right hand. If you are looking for wedding bands for men in our modern times then you’re in luck; there are lots of unique designs to discover over at Manly Bands.

So, as our look at the wedding band across eras and continents carries on, one thing seems clear—its symbolism is strong.

The cultural & historical significance of the wedding band throughout history

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