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Because we simply love love, we’ve put together a collection of stories & photos in honor of this most romantic month. As part of our collaboration with The Black Tux, some of our favorite couples captured their romances while wearing the latest trends for brides and grooms. We also asked them to tell us what makes their relationships special. As expected, their responses are sweet, thoughtful, and swoon-worthy. Cue the “awwws.”

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Kate, LGBTQ Activist, & girlfriend Sarah
“My favorite thing about our relationship is how she’s my best friend and my girlfriend all in one. People always say they are jealous of our relationship because we’re best friends. She’s my other half.”

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Raquel, BHLDN Newport Beach Shop Manager, & husband Scott
“Scott and I met my first night at college. My family had just dropped me off, and we were in the same dorm. I came back from a building meeting, and he was in my room talking to my roommate. It was my first night away from my family, my first night in the city. Scott felt like home. We became best friends, and I was instantly in love with him. He was convinced that we should just stay friends for years, but after we went to our best friends’ wedding in 2013 and watched them get married, we started dating.”

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Claire, BHLDN Chestnut Hill Associate, & husband Wei
“How has he surprised me? In a funny way, the amount he could eat was startling. When we first started dating, we’d go out to dinner and when we were done, he said, ‘There’s this other restaurant I’ve been wanting to try.’ I’d say, ‘Wei, we just ate!’ And he would say, ‘I know. I’m still hungry.’ So, we would go to like multiple restaurants. I was like, ‘Where does it all go?’ Well, some of the aftermath we found helps quiets the mind, and so I suppose he was eating to quiet his stomach too.”

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Davida, Davida Fashionista Blogger, & fiancé Sheldon
“We met almost 10 years ago. I was guest bartending at his job, and everyone knew I was a dancer for the 76ers, so they said, ‘Hey, you should go upstairs and check out the other bar-they have free salsa lessons.’ I go upstairs and Sheldon was behind the bar. He was really cute! I developed a crush on him, and everyone knew. One day he came downstairs to close down our register and I tried to kiss him and he shot me down [laughs]. We ended up reconnecting six years later.”

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Molly, Trendy Chickadee Blogger, & boyfriend Drew
“The moment when I knew Molly was my person was on one of our first beach days. We were cruising on PCH through Malibu on a warm summer morning in her Jeep. Windows were down and we were jamming to (what is now ‘our song’) Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty (RIP) with her puppy in her lap. Words are tough to describe that moment-it was more the feeling and vibe in the car. That carefree moment has left a lasting impression on me.”

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