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If it seems like there’s a little extra spark between the models in our latest campaign, it’s because they’re a real couple who got married in September! We worked with Ava and Ryan on a photoshoot in 2014, and we were thrilled to get them in front of the lens once again just a few weeks before their own wedding along the shores of Lake Michigan. Not to mention, Ava looked ah-mazing in our Promenade Dress for their reception! Read on for their love story.

Image by Willow Lane Photography | Shop The Promenade Dress

How did you meet?

Ava: We met about 15 years ago at the afterparty of a Rolling Stones concert during Fashion Week. Ryan was in a band and was trying to get me to come a show he was playing later that week. Next thing I knew, I was schlepping to Staten Island to see him play!

Ava, when did you know Ryan was “the one”?

I like to believe I knew right away. From day one, it felt like I was in a movie with him, and we were just two people in love, alive in New York City.

Ava & Ryan in our 2014 campaign!

Ryan, how did you propose?

We were in Chicago with Ava’s family for the holidays. I wanted to propose while we were there so we could share it with them, knowing we’d return to New York soon after to celebrate with my family. It was a quiet Sunday morning, and we stopped by her sister’s house to see Ava’s niece & nephew. I proposed in their backyard when we had a moment alone.

Image by Willow Lane Photography

What was it like modeling for BHLDN just a few weeks before your actual wedding?

Ava: It was great! It felt like an early extension of our wedding and set us up for the fairytale weekend we would be embarking on in just a couple of weeks.

We shot our latest campaign on a chic hotel rooftop in Brooklyn. Shop The Gramercy Gown | Shop The Lovelle Gown

What was your favorite part of the big day?

Ava: There were so many moments! The love and happiness in the air was contagious. Everywhere I looked, people were hugging and smiling; it was so moving to be amongst such joy. Our sunset champagne toast on the beach was one for the books, too. Golden light, bubbly, and sandy feet—it was magic.

Ryan: We wanted it to feel like a family reunion, so one of my favorite parts was seeing so many family and friends in one place. The Salsa band brought such a unique energy that got people dancing and livened up the venue! But the best part was seeing Ava so happy, smiling as big as I’d ever seen, surrounded by the most important people in our lives.

Images by Willow Lane Photography

Tell us about your wedding dress.

Ava: Designing your own wedding dress is definitely not for the faint of heart. It took my mom, my designer friend Sunil, and me about a year to design, sketch, and mock-up the pieces (but that’s also part of the fun!). The result was a simple, cropped bodice with deep necklines in the front and back paired with a high-waisted full skirt that hit just above the ankle, so I could dance and prance on the beach.

Congrats, Ava & Ryan! It’s always a pleasure working with you.

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