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BHLDN & Irrelephant: Modern Updos

Along with every holiday event invitation comes the task of finding a new way to fancy up your hair-a challenge any time of year, but especially when gift shopping and tinsel-trimming are taking up the time you need to scroll through Pinterest hairdo boards. In need of inspiration ourselves (hello, engagement parties & winter brides!), we turned to Joanna Ballentine and Molly Stilley, the incredibly sweet stylists behind lifestyle blog Irrelephant, to create three modern updos just for us.

Modern Updos: BHLDN x Irrelephant featuring the honeysuckle halo

We turned the halo on its head (literally) by wrapping it around one side of this (un)classic French twist and securing its ribbon on the other.

Modern Updos: BHLDN x Irrelephantfeaturing the golden pearl comb

The trick to perfectly imperfect curls? Curling the top half of each strand in one direction and the bottom half in the opposite. You might also want to look at some of the best hair rollers uk has to offer to see which products could help you achieve the hair curls that you’re wanting!

Modern Updos: BHLDN x Irrelephantfeaturing the cerise halo

We wrapped a delicate halo around the low bun and gently pulled out soft, wispy strands for a romantic feel.


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