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July 16, 2016 / Newport Beach, CA


How did you guys meet?
We met at a summer camp when we were 14 years old in Santa Barbara, CA. We emailed each other often after that, since we didn’t have phones. We ended up seeing each other every couple years, and both had serious crushes. We always stayed in touch—and finally after 10 years, tied the knot!

BHLDN bride

Sean, what did you think when you saw McCall?
I just kept thinking how lucky I was to be marrying my favorite person ever. She looked so beautiful!

McCall, what were your thoughts as you walked down the aisle?
I truly had been waiting my whole life for Sean. He was always a friend (and crush!) but I never thought I would actually marry my dream boy. I will forever be changed by loving him.

 BHLDN bride

Tell us about your gown.
The sleeves on the gown were amazing and the detail throughout was unreal! It was the perfect gown—relaxed and romantic.

What made your wedding unique?
We wanted a simple, really fun, and casual feel. We had Chipotle and Italian ice and danced the whole night with all our closest family and friends.

BHLDN bride

What do you most look forward to in married life?
Having “our person” there always. To wake up to and go to sleep next to each other. To have a life full of experience, adventure, and learning. And eventually to have cute little babies that look like us! Haha 🙂

BHLDN bride

Photos by Chantel Marie

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