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7 International Wedding Traditions

As much as we love a bouquet toss, there are so many other wedding traditions around the world that intrigue us. We polled the office for favorite wedding customs and delved into the meaning behind them. Borrow one (or all!) and begin a new tradition for your family! Regardless of the traditions that your country or family has when it comes to weddings, it is important that you capture all of the memories that you’re going to be creating on this special day. That is why you need to find a photographer that can help turn your dream into a reality. It could be someone who has similar services to the ones that Olga Topchii Photographer provides. By doing this, it will allow you to relive your special day as many times as you want with the people that you love, and the traditions that you tied in with your wedding will be forever remembered. Read on to find out what some of these traditions are.

Italy: Five Almonds
Every guest receives five sugar-coated almonds (aka Jordan almonds) to signify five wishes for the bride and groom: happiness, health, long life, wealth, and fertility.

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image via Our Labor of Love

France: Croquembouche
Leave it to the French to make an even more exquisite version of the wedding cake. The croquembouche, an impressive tower of cream puffs enrobed in chocolate or sugary strands, replaces the traditional tiered pastry.

Philippines: Rose Ceremony
During a Filipino wedding ceremony, the bride and groom give each of their mothers a rose to represent a blossoming of the love their mothers bestowed on them when they were born.

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image via GraceD Photography

Netherlands: The Perennial Lily-of-the-Valley
It’s tradition in Dutch culture for the couple’s friends and family to plant lily-of-the-valley flowers, a symbol of happiness, around the couple’s home. As the flowers blossom every year, so does the couple’s love for each other.

Laos: Baci Ceremony
In Laotian weddings, the couple is blessed during the Baci Ceremony, a ritual in which guests tie strings around the couple’s wrists and say a prayer.

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image via India Earl Photography

Wales: Myrtle for Your Maid
A new take on the bouquet toss! Welsh brides often carry a bouquet of myrtle, a symbol of love. She gifts a cutting to her bridesmaids to plant, and if it blooms, they’ll marry soon!

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